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CAS 72822-12-9

HCL SALT 72822-13-0


Dapiprazole (Rev-Eyes) is an alpha blocker. It is used to reverse mydriasis after eye examination.[1]

Used in the treatment of iatrogenically induced mydriasis produced by adrenergic (phenylephrine) or parasympatholytic (tropicamide) agents used in certain eye examinations.

Dapiprazole is an alpha-adrenergic blocking agent. It produces miosis by blocking the alpha-adrenergic receptors on the dilator muscle of the iris. Dapiprazole produces no significant action on ciliary muscle contraction and thus, there are no changes in the depth of the anterior chamber of the thickness of the lens. It does not alter the IOP either in normal eyes or in eyes with elevated IOP. The rate of pupillary constriction may be slightly slower in clients with brown irises than in clients with blue or green irises.

Dapiprazole acts through blocking the alpha1-adrenergic receptors in smooth muscle. It produces miosis through an effect on the dilator muscle of the iris and does not have any significant activity on ciliary muscle contraction and, therefore does not induce a significant change in the anterior chamber depth or the thickness of the lens.

Oral LD50 is 1189-2100 mg/kg in mice, rats and rabbits.

Brief background information

Salt ATC formula MM CASE
C19H27N5 325.46 g / mol 72822-12-9
monogïdroxlorïd N05AX
C19H27N5 · HCl 361.92 g / mol 72822-13-0


  • antipsihoticheskoe means
  • in the treatment of glaucoma

Classes substance

  • Piperazinы
    • 1,2,4-triazolo [4,3-a] piridinы





Синтез a)

Scheme illustration:By cyclization of O-methylvalerolactam (I) with 3-(4-o-tolyl-1-piperazinyl) propionic acid hydrazide (II) in refluxing xylene, followed by a treatment with ethanolic HCl.

FR 2423221; GB 2020269; JP 54157576; NL 7902489; US 4252721



Acylation of (1-methylcyclopropyl)guanidine (IV) with 3-bromo-5-chlorothiophene-2-sulfonyl chloride (III) under Schotten-Baumann conditions afforded the sulfonyl guanidine (V). This was cyclized to the desired thienothiadiazine upon treatment with Cs2CO3 and Cu2O in boiling butanol.


In a different method, (1-methylcyclopropyl)guanidine (I) is acylated by 3-bromo-5-chlorothiophene-2-sulfonyl chloride (II) to produce the sulfonyl guanidine (III). Intramolecular cyclization of (III) in the presence of Cu2O and Cs2CO3 leads to the title thienothiadiazine derivative. Similarly, acylation of guanidine (I) with 3,5-dichlorothiophene-2-sulfonyl chloride (IV) provides sulfonyl guanidine (V), which is then cyclized in the presence of Cu2O and Cs2CO3.


In an alternative method, sulfonylation of N-isopropylguanidine (V) with 2,5-dichlorothiophene-3-sulfonyl chloride (IV) produced the sulfonyl guanidine (VI). This was then cyclized to the title compound by treatment with copper bronze and potassium carbonate in boiling DMF……..WO 0102410

Trade names

country Tradename Manufacturer
Germany Remidrial winegrower
Italy Glamidolo Angelini, 1987
Ukraine no no


  • eyedrops 50 mg / 10 ml (5%) (hydrochloride)


  • DE 2 915 318 (Angelini; appl. 14.4.1979; I-prior. 18.4.1978).
  • US 4 307 095 (Angelini; 22.12.1981; prior. 29.3.1979, 29.8.1980; I-prior. 18.4.1978).
  • US 4 307 096 (Angelini; 22.12.1981; prior. 29.3.1979, 29.8.1980; I-prior. 18.4.1978).
  • US 4 325 952 (Angelini; 20.4.1982; prior. 29.3.1979, 29.8.1980; I-prior. 18.4.1978).
  • BE 877 161 (Angelini; appl. 21.6.1979).


  1. Doughty, Michael J.; Lyle, William M. (May 1992). “A Review of the Clinical Pharmacokinetics of Pilocarpine, Moxisylyte (Thymoxamine), and Dapiprazole in the Reversal of Diagnostic Pupillary Dilation”. Optometry & Vision Science 69 (5).
  2. US 4 307 096 (Angelini; 22.12.1981; prior. 29.3.1979, 29.8.1980; I-prior. 18.4.1978).
  3.  US 4 325 952 (Angelini; 20.4.1982; prior. 29.3.1979, 29.8.1980; I-prior. 18.4.1978).
  4. BE 877 161 (Angelini; appl. 21.6.1979).
  5. DE 2 915 318 (Angelini; appl. 14.4.1979; I-prior. 18.4.1978).
  6. US 4 307 095 (Angelini; 22.12.1981; prior. 29.3.1979, 29.8.1980; I-prior. 18.4.1978).

Structural formula

UV- Spectrum

Conditions : Concentration – 1 mg / 100 ml
The solvent designation schedule methanol
0.1М HCl
0.1M NaOH
maximum absorption 235 nm 235 nm 234 nm There
212 179 172
e 7650 6450 6200

IR – spectrum

Wavelength (μm)
Wave number (cm -1 )



  • UV and IR Spectra. H.-W. Dibbern, R.M. Muller, E. Wirbitzki, 2002 ECV
  • NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library 2008
  • Handbook of Organic Compounds. NIR, IR, Raman, and UV-Vis Spectra Featuring Polymers and Surfactants, Jr., Jerry Workman. Academic Press, 2000.
  • Handbook of ultraviolet and visible absorption spectra of organic compounds, K. Hirayama. Plenum Press Data Division, 1967.


Systematic (IUPAC) name
Clinical data
AHFS/ Consumer Drug Information
MedlinePlus a601043
  • B
Routes of
Topical (eye drops)
Legal status
Legal status
  • ℞ (Prescription only)
Pharmacokinetic data
Bioavailability Negligible when administered topically
CAS Number 72822-12-9 Yes
ATC code S01EX02 (WHO)
PubChem CID 3033538
DrugBank DB00298 Yes
ChemSpider 2298190 Yes
KEGG D07775 Yes
ChEBI CHEBI:51066 Yes
Chemical data
Formula C19H27N5
Molar mass 325.451 g/mol

//////Дапипразол ,  Dapiprazole, AF-2139, Remydrial, Rev-Eyes, Reversil, Glamidolo


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