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DAROLUTAMIDE, WO 2018036558, 苏州科睿思制药有限公司 , New patent



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DAROLUTAMIDE, WO 2018036558, 苏州科睿思制药有限公司 , New patent


张晓宇 [CN]


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Novel crystalline forms of an androgen receptor antagonist medication, particularly ODM-201 (also known as darolutamide; designated as Forms B and C), processes for their preparation and compositions comprising them are claimed. Represents a first filing from Crystal Pharmaceutical Co Ltd and the inventors on this API.

Orion and licensee Bayer are codeveloping darolutamide, an androgen receptor antagonist, for treating castration-resistant prostate cancer and metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer.

专利CN102596910B公开了ODM-201的制备方法,但并未公开任何的晶型信息。专利WO2016120530A1公开了式(I)(CAS号:1297538-32-9)所示的晶型I,式(Ia)(CAS号:1976022-48-6)所示的晶型I’和式(Ib)(CAS号:1976022-49-7)所示的晶型I”。文献Expert Rev.Anticancer Ther.15(9),(2015)已报道:ODM-201是由1:1比例的(Ia)和(Ib)两种非对应异构体组成,即为式(I)所示结构。因此,现有关于ODM-201的晶型只有晶型I报道。

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Prostate cancer has become an important disease threatening the health of men. Its incidence is higher in western countries and shows a year-by-year upward trend. In the past, Asian countries with a lower incidence of the disease have also seen an increase in the number of patients in recent years. Clinical treatment of prostate cancer commonly used methods are surgical resection, radiation therapy and blocking androgen endocrine therapy. Androgen is closely related to the growth of prostate and the occurrence of prostate cancer. Therefore, endocrine therapy has become an effective way to treat prostate cancer. The method includes orchidectomy, estrogen therapy, gonadotropin-releasing hormone analog therapy, gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist therapy, androgen antagonistic therapy, etc., wherein androgen antagonist therapy can be both early treatment of prostate cancer can also be combined Surgery for adjuvant therapy is currently one of the main clinical treatment of prostate cancer. Androgen receptor as a biological target of androgen play an important role in the field of biomedical research.

Clinical trials have shown that exogenous androgen administration to patients with prostate cancer can lead to an exacerbation of the patient’s condition; conversely, if the testicles are removed and the level of androgens in the patient is reduced, the condition is relieved, indicating that androgens contribute to the development of prostate cancer Significant influence. According to receptor theory, androgen must bind with androgen receptor (AR) to cause subsequent physiological and pathological effects, which is the basis for the application of androgen receptor (AR) antagonist in the treatment of prostate cancer. In vitro experiments have shown that AR antagonists can inhibit prostate cell proliferation and promote apoptosis. Depending on the chemical structure of AR antagonists, they can be divided into steroidal AR antagonists and non-steroidal AR antagonists. Non-steroidal anti-androgen activity is better, there is no steroid-like hormone-like side effects, it is more suitable for the treatment of prostate cancer.

ODM-201 (BAY-1841788) is a non-steroidal oral androgen receptor (AR) antagonist used clinically to treat prostate cancer. The binding affinity of ODM-201 to AR was high, with Ki = 11nM and IC50 = 26nM. Ki was the dissociation constant between ODM-201 and AR complex. The smaller the value, the stronger the affinity. half maximal inhibitory concentration “refers to the half-inhibitory concentration measured, indicating that a certain drug or substance (inhibitor) inhibits half the amount of certain biological processes. The lower the value, the stronger the drug’s inhibitory ability. In addition, ODM-201 does not cross the blood-brain barrier and can reduce neurological related side effects such as epilepsy. Bayer Corporation has demonstrated in clinical trials the effectiveness and safety of ODM-201, demonstrating its potential for treating prostate cancer.

The chemical name of ODM-201 is: N – ((S) -l- (3- (3- chloro-4-cyanophenyl) -lH-pyrazol-l-yl) -propan- The chemical name contains the tautomer N – ((S) -1- (3- (3- 4-cyanophenyl) -1H-pyrazol- 1 -yl) -propan-2-yl) -5- (1 -hydroxyethyl) 1297538-32-9, the structural formula is shown in formula (I) :

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The different crystalline forms of solid chemical drugs can lead to differences in their solubility, stability, fluidity and compressibility, thereby affecting the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products containing the compounds (see K. Knapman, Modern Drug Discovery, 3, 53 -54,57,2000.), Resulting in differences in clinical efficacy. It has been found that new crystalline forms (including anhydrates, hydrates, solvates, etc.) of the active ingredients of the medicinal product may give rise to more processing advantages or provide substances with better physical and chemical properties such as better bioavailability, storage stability, ease Processed, purified or used as an intermediate to promote conversion to other crystalline forms. The new crystalline form of the pharmaceutical compound can help improve the performance of the drug and broaden the choice of starting material for the formulation.

Patent CN102596910B discloses the preparation of ODM-201, but does not disclose any crystal form information. Patent WO2016120530A1 discloses a crystalline form I represented by the formula (I) (CAS number: 1297538-32-9), a crystalline form I ‘represented by the formula (Ia) (CAS number: 1976022-48-6) and a compound represented by the formula (CAS No. 1976022-49-7). Document Expert Rev. Anticancer Ther. 15 (9), (2015) It has been reported that ODM-201 is composed of a 1: 1 ratio of (Ia) And (Ib), which is the structure shown in Formula (I), so the only existing crystal form I for ODM-201 is reported.

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However, the lower solubility of Form I and the high hygroscopicity, and the preparation of Form I requires the use of highly toxic acetonitrile solvents, which are carcinogenic in animals and are the second class of solvents that should be controlled during the process development stage. Form I preparation method is more complex, long preparation cycle, the process needs heating, increasing the cost of industrial preparation, is not conducive to industrial production. In order to overcome the above drawbacks, there is still a need in the art for a systematic and comprehensive development of other polymorphs of ODM-201 of formula (I), simplifying the preparation thereof, enabling its pharmacological development and releasing its potential, Preparation of a better formulation of the drug ingredients.

The inventors found through experiments that Form B and Form C of the present invention, and found that Form B and Form C of the present invention have more excellent properties than the prior art. Dissolution is a prerequisite for drug absorption, and increased solubility will help to increase the bioavailability of the drug and thereby improve the drug’s druggability. Compared with the prior art, the crystalline forms B and C of the invention have higher solubility and provide favorable conditions for drug development. Compared with the prior art, the crystalline forms B and C of the invention also have lower hygroscopicity. Hydroscopic drug crystal form due to adsorption of more water lead to weight changes, so that the raw material crystal component content is not easy to determine. In addition, the crystalline form of the drug substance absorbs water and lumps due to high hygroscopicity, which affects the particle size distribution of the sample in the formulation process and the homogeneity of the drug substance in the preparation, thereby affecting the dissolution and bioavailability of the sample. The crystal form B and the crystal form C have the same moisture content under different humidity conditions, and overcome the disadvantages caused by high hygroscopicity, which is more conducive to the long-term storage of the medicine, reduces the material storage and the quality control cost.

In addition, the present invention provides Form B and Form C of ODM-201 represented by formula (I), which have good stability, excellent flowability, suitable particle size and uniform distribution. The solvent used in the preparation method of crystal form B and crystal form C of the invention has lower toxicity, is conducive to the green industrial production, avoids the pharmaceutical risk brought by the residue of the toxic solvent, and is more conducive to the preparation of the pharmaceutical preparation. The novel crystal type provided by the invention has the advantages of simple operation, no need of heating, short preparation period and cost control in industrialized production. Form B and Form C of the present invention provide new and better choices for the preparation of pharmaceutical formulations containing ODM-201, which are of great significance for drug development.

The problem to be solved by the invention

The main object of the present invention is to provide a crystal form of ODM-201 and a preparation method and use thereof.

//////////DAROLUTAMIDE, WO 2018036558, 苏州科睿思制药有限公司 , New patent, CRYSTAL

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