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Chinese Dodder Seeds, Tu Si Zi, Semen Cuscutae, 菟絲子 

Chinese Dodder Seeds ( Tu Si Zi ) 菟絲子 , also known as Beggarweed, Cuscutae, Devil’s Guts, Dodder Of Thyme, Hellweed, Lesser Dodder, Scaldweed, Strangle Tare, Tu Si Zi, Tu Sizi. Cuscuta epithymum; Cuscuta chinensis. It belong to the “Convolvulaceae” family.

Chinese Dodder Seeds ( Tu Si Zi ) 菟絲子 has a sweet, pungent and neurtal properties. It is use for treating the kidney and liver.

Chinese Dodder Seeds ( Tu Si Zi ) 菟絲子 Chinese Herbs Articles was created to help cleanse and rejuvenate your body enable you to<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
stay younger and healthier with chinese herbal recipes.

What does it do?
In the term of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM),
Tu Si Zi is acrid, sweet, neutral.
The channels Tu Si Zi influences are Kidney, Liver.Action:
In the term of TCM, Tu Si Zi:
1: Tonifies Kidneys, Augments Yin, Secures Jing and Reserves Urine.
2: Tonifies Kidneys and Liver, Improves Vision.
3: Benefits Spleen and Kidneys, Stops Diarrhea.
4: Calms the Fetus.


• tonify kidneys, strengthen yin, secures essence, reserves urine.
• tonify liver, improves vision.
• strengthen spleen, stops diarrhea.
• calms fetus, habitual/threatened miscarriage.

 Other Use:

Orally, dodder is used for urinary tract, spleen, and hepatic disorders.

Cuscuta chinensis.Dodder.Dodder seed extract Pharmacological Actions.

Botanical Basic Data of Cuscuta chinensis(Dodder).:

Dodder Seed Extract Cuscuta chinensis Extract photo picture imageBotanical Source:Cuscuta chinensis(The ripe seed of Cuscuta chinensis Lam.,an annual voluble parasitic herb of the family Convolvulaceae).
Latin Name: Semen Cuscutae
Family: Convolvulaceae.
Common Name: Cuscuta seed, Chinese Dodder seed,Huang Si,Huang Teng Zi,Dou Ji Sheng.Huang Shan Teng.Wu Gen Cao,Wu Niang Teng,Huang Shan Si,Lao Ya Si,Huang Si Teng.
Scientific Name: Cuscuta chinensis Lam
Pin Yin Name: Tu Si Zi
Dodder Seed Extract Cuscuta chinensis Extract photo picture image
Cuscuta Classification in China:(1).Cuscuta chinensis Lam.;(2).Cuscuta australis R.Br.;(3).Cuscuta campestris Yunker;
Pinyin Name: Tu si zi,Also called Chinese Dodder Seed.

Pin yin description:tu is a character for this herb derived from the character meaning rabbit; si means silk, and zi means seeds, the part used; this plant is a parasitic weed that sets up a mat of hair-like fibers at its base and then rapidly sends fibrous stems upward; thus Tu Si refers to the quality of these fibers like silky rabbit hair; a common name for dodders in the West, based on the undesirable weed-like nature of these plants, is Devil’s Hair.
Part use:Dodder seed,Aerial parts.(whole plants are harvested in autumn when the seeds are ripe, and then threshed after dried to get the seeds)

Synoms:Dodder,love vine,strangleweed,devil’s-guts,goldthread,pull-down,devil’s-ringlet,hellbine,hairweed,devil’s-hair,Beggarweed, Cuscutae, Devil’s Guts, Dodder Of Thyme, Hellweed,Lesser Dodder,Scaldweed,Strangle Tare,Tu Si Zi,Tu Sizi,Cuscuta epithymum,Cuscuta chinensis and hailweed.

Habitat:Dodder grows throughout Europe, Asia, and southern Africa. Dodder prefers coastal and mountainous regions, and is gathered in summer.In China,mainly distributed in Jiangsu,Liaoning, Jilin, Hebei, Shandong and Henan provinces of China.
Taste:Pungent, Sweet,It is sweet in taste, warm in nature and manifests its therapeutic actions in the liver, kidney and spleen meridians.
Dodder Seed Extract Cuscuta chinensis Extract photo picture image

Constitutents:Dodder contains flavonoids (including kaempferol and quercitin) and hydroxycinnamic acid.

Cuscuta , or Dodder plant, is a parasitic vine that wraps around other plants for nourishment.The ripe seed of Cuscuta chinensis Lam.; an annual voluble parasitic herb of the family Convolvulaceae.Cuscuta seed is used in China for kidney deficiency. Cuscuta has a high content of flavonoids and has strong antioxidant properties. Cuscuta seed has been found in studies to have positive effects on sperm health and motility, and invigorates the reproductive system.

The plant growns near seashores.Slim stems spread out,twist and yellow color,no leaf.flower blossom fascination on axil.flower bud and small bud squama shape,caylx shape cup,5 divide,white crown,bell shape,double length of calyx.The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs).Stamen flower flat short,squama grow on base,shape square roundness,2 room germen. Capsule shape flat ball.Seed 2~4,florescence July to September,fruit august to october. It can grow in semi-shade (light woodland) or no shade and requires moist soil.

Dodder is distributed in most parts of China. It is collected in autumn when the seed is ripe, dried in the sun and used unprepared or boiled after removal of impurities.

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